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Comprehensive Sexuality Education Youth Hike, October 2021, Johannesburg


In October 2021, mmoho hosted a youth hike as part of our broader objective at Ibis to increase and mobilize support for CSE for in and out of school young people. The hike was attended by young people from different South African provinces. The hike commenced with a 5km trail, followed by a dialogue with young people. The dialogue covered various topics such as contraception and abortion. 

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March against unsafe and illegal abortions, February 2022, Rustenburg


In February 2022, Ibis and the mmoho campaign participated and supported the march against unsafe and illegal abortions. This was conducted in partnership with the National Department of Health as part of our efforts to improve and expand safe abortion provision across South Africa. The march began at the Rustenburg Municipal offices and ended at the Rustenburg taxi rank where the crowd was addressed by various MECs and the Mayor emphasising the importance of making use of public health facilities.