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 Useful Contacts 

Knowing where to turn in situations as it relates to your sexual and reproductive health and rights is paramount in ensuring that you and others can make the right choices. Below are resources for a variety of topics and issues, ranging from pregnancy to abortion to gender and sexual identity.

Please note this is a working and dynamic list, so make sure to call ahead for more information and available services. If you spot an error or one of the resources listed is no longer available, let us know here or send us an email at

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In many instances, contraceptives are available for free at public health facilities and reproductive health clinics. Some forms of contraception are also available for purchase with a prescription at places such as supermarkets and pharmacies. Many non-governmental organisations provide free or low-cost contraceptives as well.


The DISA Clinic performs full health assessments to determine which contraceptive choice may be best for you. A prescription can be provided for forms of birth control that require one, such as birth control pills and the Injection, and the clinic staff at DISA can insert IUDs. Condoms are distributed for free, and emergency contraception is also available.


DISA Clinic: 011 787 2286 or 011 886 2286


Marie Stopes, a world-renowned sexual and reproductive health non-governmental organisation, provides a wide range of contraceptives, including emergency contraception and, at some clinics, vasectomies. To get a contraceptive, a medical consultation is required. Prices vary, so make sure to call ahead.

Marie Stopes: 0800 11 7785 or request an appointment online.

If the price of contraceptives is inhibiting, Marie Stopes also offers a Student Reproductive Health Card which offers students discounted rates for all their services. You can sign up for your Card here.

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If you suspect you are pregnant, pregnancy tests are available for free at state-owned clinics and hospitals. You can also purchase at-home pregnancy tests at pharmacies and select supermarkets, although it is imperative to go to your local clinic for more accurate testing and information. Speak to a healthcare worker about your options.

LifeLine Pregnancy Support is a counselling and support service for girls and young women who are, or think they are, pregnant as well as for their partners and parents. LifeLine has telephone counsellors ready to field questions and concerns, and young people are invited to join a support group.

LifeLine Pregnancy Support Counsellors: 086 132 2322


The Options Care Centre provides free pregnancy tests and counselling, support, and information. They also offer pre-birth classes and assistance on breastfeeding. If you decide to terminate your pregnancy or have a spontaneous abortion, they provide post-pregnancy counselling. Likewise, if you are considering adoption, they provide support. All of Options Care Centre’s services are free and confidential.

Options Care Centre: 044 874 7414


MomConnect is a South African National Department of Health initiative which aims to support maternal health through the use of cell phone-based technologies integrated into maternal and child health services. The services are free to all users, and messages are available in all 11 official languages. MomConnect is voluntary and the pregnant woman can opt out at any time.

To enroll, dial *134*550#

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As stated in the Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act, a woman has the right to a free abortion at a government hospital or public health facility. However, as not all public facilities have the equipment and trained professionals necessary to perform abortions, it is a good idea to call ahead. Abortions can also be had safely at a variety of non-governmental organisations.

The DISA Clinic provides counselling for women with unwanted pregnancies and information about different termination of pregnancy options. The DISA Clinic provides abortions, as well as post termination of pregnancy follow up and counselling.

DISA Clinic: 011 787 2286 or 011 886 2286


Marie Stopes is a well-renowned sexual and reproductive health non-governmental organisation. In South Africa, Marie Stopes has 17 centres that offer safe abortion pills, procedures, and support. Prices for different termination of pregnancy options and locations vary. For a medication abortion, the price will include a consultation, an ultrasound scan, the termination of pregnancy pills, a check-up after 2 weeks, and a contraceptive of your choice. For a surgical abortion, the price will include a medical assessment, the in-office procedure, a check-up after 2 weeks, and a contraceptive of your choice. Please note that not all Marie Stopes centres offer surgical abortions, so make sure to call ahead or look online for more information.

Marie Stopes: 0800 11 7785 or request an appointment online.

BMM Reproductive Health Centre is a government-approved, private health centre that works with the Department of Health to provide quality yet cost-effective services to women, including medication and surgical abortions.


BMM Reproductive Health Centre Emergency Lines: 011 781 4308 / 072 933 9701 / 072 754 1811 or 082 832 2007


Book an appointment online here.

Reproductive Choices Clinic specialises in terminations of pregnancy and family planning services. Prices of their various offerings may be found online.

Reproductive Choices Clinic: 011 315 6303

Lister Clinic, also known as Dr. Maphisa & Partners, offers termination of pregnancy options in addition to a wide range of medical and dental services. The clinic is open 24 hours, 7 days a week, so you can go for a termination of pregnancy or family planning counselling at whatever time works best for you with no appointment required. Prices for termination of pregnancy options can be found online, and in some cases medical aid is accepted.

Lister Clinic: 087 551 1432

SMS messages only: 087 240 6666

WhatsApp messages only: 083 708 7895

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loveLife is South Africa’s largest youth leadership, life skills, and sexuality awareness programme that works to promote healthy lifestyles and social agency amongst South African youth. With much of their work focused on HIV prevention and counselling, loveLife’s strategy is to strengthen young people’s sense of identity and self-esteem by equipping them with the skills needed to navigate day-to-day pressures and societal expectations and to move to personal development and growth.

loveLife Call Center: 0800 121 900

LifeLine is a service that provides counselling and connects with people, giving them the tools they need to better handle stress and improve their emotional health. With 17 centres nationwide, they have over 275 highly trained volunteer counsellors, peer educators, and victim empowerment supporters to ensure you get the help you need. In-person counselling can be booked here.

LifeLine Crisis: 011 728 1347 (Johannesburg)  /  067 019 0845 or 074 129 6960 (Soweto)  /  011 443 3555 (Alexandra)

WhatsApp Counselling Line: 065 989 9238

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If you have been the victim of sexual abuse, you are entitled to a number of services and rights as per the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences and Related Matters) Amendment Act 32 of 2007. To find a clinic in your province and district with Abuse, Rape and Domestic Violence Support services available, visit the Department of Health’s Health Sites website. 

Thuthuzela Care Centers, which operate in certain public hospitals, are also available to survivors, and they provide medical, legal, and psychological counselling.

The One in Nine Campaign, a network of organisations and individuals driven by feminist principles and the desire to live in a society where women are the agents of their own lives, including their sexual lives, created Rape Survivor’s Guide to the Criminal Justice System in South Africa in 2007 to help rape and sexual assault survivors understand their rights and navigate the legal system if they choose to report. Also in the guide are free resources to counselling and legal advice.

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The Sexual and Reproductive Justice Coalition has compiled a list of gender affirming health professionals in South Africa. The list is organised by province as well as specialty.

Gender Dynamix List of Gender Affirming Health Professionals in SA

OUT is an organisation that provides direct health services to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community (LGBT), sex workers, and injecting drug users. Their services include psychological support in-person, online, or over the phone, as well as sexual health and safer sex consultations and contraceptives at their TEN81 Centre Clinic.

OUT telephone counselling: 012 430 3272

TEN81 Centre Clinic: 012 430 3272  /  066 190 5812

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