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 Steering Committee 

Siphesihle Bhengu.png
Siphesihle Bhengu

Mmoho Steering Committee Member

Affiliated Organisation: Youth Inter-Active

Founder: Youth In Dialogue 

Province: KwaZulu-Natal


‘To me to be a member of Mmoho National Steering Commit-tee means that to be in a National space to advocate for the young people’s rights to be able to access SRHR services, to promote right to gender and equality.


To be the voice of young people, those who live in the deep rural areas and urban areas. To present those young people who come from poor and disadvantage backgrounds, where communities are struggling with issues of HIV and AIDS, TB and GBV.


I am young people’s voice; I am a Youth Advocate and Champion of young people’s affairs.’

Zinhle Maliwa - Copy.png
Shulammi Mbola

Mmoho Steering Committee Member

Affiliated Organisation: Queendom 

Province: Eastern Cape


"The purpose of freedom is to create it for others." N.R. Mandela 

'Being part of the mmoho campaign affords me the opportunity to continue doing what I love. Creating safe spaces for dialogues and helping young girls has been by far the greatest thing I have achieved as a mmoho champion. Becoming the voice for thousands of young girls and women from disservice areas, helping them understand their sexual and reproductive health and rights and giving them the possibility to make autonomous decisions about their own bodies and sexuality is my pride. To me Mmoho means redesigning the girls and woman in us.'

Odwa Zukizwa Manxeba - Copy.png
Odwa Zukizwa Manxeba

Mmoho Steering Committee Member

Affiliated Organisation: Dynamic Youth Crew

Province: Gauteng


Mmoho has taught me how to interact with people, and engage youth and health issues head-on. It has also helped me to better understand the intersectionality between various SRHR subject matter (Termination of pregnancy, gender-based violence (GBV), teenage pregnancy, LGBTQIA+ health) and socio-economic issues; social, cultural, spiritual and traditional aspects as experienced by young people.

Tsholofelo Ngwexane - Copy.png
Tsholofelo Ngwexane

Mmoho Steering Committee Chair

Affiliated Organisation: Stand up for Girls 

Province: Eastern Cape


What mmoho means to me: “Mmoho to me is a campaign that I view as a learning initiative that I learn from and better able to engage my peers as well as other young people and adolescents. It’s an information platform that can be used to create awareness and reach an extensive number of people. Mmoho to me is also a unique opportunity I’ve used as a partner to learn more about reproductive health and rights, and how the continued sharing of this information will be beneficial to both the growth and the expanded reach of the campaign”

Tshweu Mosedi - Copy.png
Tshweu Mosedi

Mmoho Steering Committee Deputy Chair

Affiliated Organisation: Dynamic Youth Crew

Province: Gauteng


What mmoho means to me: “To me mmoho means an opportunity for everyone to lend a hand in assisting the drive for access to sexual and reproductive health and rights for young people. Mmoho is an opportunity for young people to come together and advocate for access to youth-friendly health services and put an end to unplanned pregnancies, an end to unsafe abortions, and all health injustices while exclusively informing and empowering young people of all ages and genders.

Nthabiseng Mogashoa - Copy.png
Nthabiseng Mogashoa

Mmoho Steering Committee Member

Affiliated Organisations: Sunshine Cinema, Siyakwazi Youth Network and The MC Academy   

Province: Limpopo


What mmoho means to me: “mmoho is the new revolution and dawn that young people have waited for. A campaign led by young people for young people, providing radical solutions to critical issues faced by young people daily.”

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